Tuesday, September 9, 2008

We are living among the trees....

Well Hurricane Gustav hit landfall last week. Ruining the Labor Day weekend because we had to prepare for the storm. It took some trees down in the front yard and the back yard. Limbs are everywhere alot of damage in the Baton Rouge and surrounding areas. Part of the back wall on Mike's shop is down, it can be repaired it's just going to take awhile.
We were out of power until 9:00 pm Wednesday. My daughter didn't get her power back until Sunday morning. There are friends of mine still without power and have been told it would probably be 3 more weeks. Mike's mom is still without power, everyone around has it but her they are telling her probably Wednesday. We had a generator and I was able to cross-stitch thru the storm and after that was nice. It keep me in check, not stressed out as much. If I didn't have that to calm me down I would have gone insane. Now we are watching Hurricane Ike and praying that it doesn't come this way. This morning all the computer models have it going towards Texas and Mexico. Keep it away from us. I don't wish any harm on anyone but I'm so sick of rain and no electricity. For 2 solid months that is what we have been experiencing around here. First Fay than Gustav. Go away please.....it depressing.
Well on the stitching front, I finished the 4 new Lizzie Kate Flip-its, I started Barbara Ana Autumn biscornu and Shepard's Bush She Tends. I heard from my LNS that Athena came in so I will be getting her today, I'm so excited. It is brighten up my day.

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