Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hey Everyone.......I'm back.

It has been a long time since I have posted. The last several months I have been busy moving and moving my daughter in her apartment, It's been crazy.
I moved in with my boyfriend in July. We are getting married next year, I don't have a date yet.
My daughter moved into her own apartment and going to school. We have five Cocker Spaniels,
she took 2 of them and I took 3. We are settling in now and it has been a big adjustment for me
because I have been single for so long. You get set in your ways. I like things one way and he does the opposite. It has been alot of compromising. Why do men like to leave their dirty clothes all over the floor when there is a dirty clothes hamper in the bathroom? Little things like this drive me crazy, but I'm trying to adjust. He is trying to adjust to the dogs, so I'm trying not to say anything. OH WELL!!!!

On to stitching......I have been stitching alot. 2008 projects have included The Mirabilia Reindeer, I have finished Country Cottage "Joy", Nora Corbett's letter "A". I have finished all of the LE Fairies of Mirabilia. I have finished a Barbara Ana "Hallowscornu". I have alot of WIPS going: Victoria Sampler 12 days of christmas(which was a cyberclass), Lizze Kate's Christmas Double Flip ups, Bent Creek's Snapperbits. I have also been doing the mothly series of JAB Teapot Series. I'm up to May on that one.
I got a Utimate Stitching stand from K's Creation for my birthday that was a treat from myself.
I got it put together but have not used it yet....hope to be using it for this weekend.

It looks like we will be having a Hurricane next week sometimes and I guess we will be preparing this weekend. Picking up and securing things around the house. I have to make room in the garage to put my car in there. We also have the start of the football season this Saturday and I want to put a Shout out for the one and only LSU Tigersssssssss......Geaux Tigers.

I hope to have some pictures soon on all my stitching finishes soon....I will update then.


Autumn said...

Good to see you back!

Sharon said...

Hi Kaye, you have been busy! Congrats on engagement! Looking forward to seeing your finishes. We will miss you at retreat!

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