Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hey Everyone! I'm Back

Well I'm back in Louisiana. Actually I have been back a couple of weeks now, but it has been crazy trying to get things organized and settle. I have been depressed some, I have never been without a job and money is running out. My umemployment is not being process yet, boy what a pain. Well after a dealing with that and trying to get everything moved back and getting the house clean, I finally can sit down and start stitching again. I'm working on Bentcreek's Snapperbits and I'm almost finished.

I have deceide to Moderate a Mirabila RR for 2009, if you are interest in a Round Robin go to:, look for Mirabila 2009 and get all the information there. We are looking for stitchers.


Patti said...

Hi, I'm glad for you that you are home but sad that you haven't got a new job yet. Keeping everything crossed for you. Love Patti xxx

Jenny said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for you that something turns up quick on the job front - seems things are tough all over these days.

Looking forward to posibly participating in another Mira RR with you. :)

Sharon said...

Hey Kaye, welcome back! Hopefully a job will turn up quickly for you!

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