Thursday, August 30, 2007

Flip Flops are Done!!!!

We are finally none. It took my daughter, Lindsey and myself 3 days to complete this finish. Don't believe what you read sometimes, the foam glue direction said Quick Dry, it took 3 days to dry. At least they are finally finished. My first finishing job,
it didn't turn out bad. I'm a very impatience person, I like my stuff finished fast. That is why I always have someone else no the finishing on it. I can't sew and I learned how to LACE the linen around the cardboard, so now I feel like I can do the Cross-Eyed Cricket Acorn next. I like to say a big THANKS to my Daughter Lindsey and my Friends(you know who you are) that encourage me to do the finishing my self.
Now back to Mirabilia "Petal Fairy", hope to have her finished this weekend. It is going to be a long weekend with Labor Day. At least get the stitching done and then I will only have the beading.


sugardoll said...

This is amazing! How cute!! *^_^*

quiltorstitch said...

Those are SO cute, I've seen the charts for them. You did a nice job finishing, congrats on sticking with it :D

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