Thursday, July 12, 2007

I'm Getting There

Well, I have added some more thing to my blog. It's lunch time and I had some time to look at my blog again. I'm learning a few things. My friend is going to help me this weekend with adding my pictures of my stitching and few other things I need to learn.

So far this month I have finished Catherine Agnes, by Catherine(somebody I forgot), "Forest Snowfall", by Little House Needleworks. I have started Cross-eyed Cricket Flip Flops.....I'm on the second one.

Also, I started the Audobon Zoo Express, this is for my Great Nephew who is soooo cute.

It is a piece that comes from the New Orleans area. It's a Streetcar with Zoo animals hanging out the windows and they're heading for the Audobon Zoo. It's a really cute piece. I change the threads to over-dyed instead of DMC.
Also, I am rotating Village of Hawks Run and Swan Sampler.

Pictures coming soon!!

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